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Chan and Smith in Karate Kid? Rumour resurfaces

TheKarateKid.jpgThe rumour is resurfacing on the Interflab that Jackie Chan and Will Smith, along with his son Jaden Smith, are planning a remake of Karate Kid.

Well isn't this just an exact copy of the story from September that Will Smith strongly denied?

I first wrote about the story in September where the rumour was that a remake of The Karate Kid which will be produced by the Will Smith production company and Jerry Weintraub, Weintraub was a producer from the original film.

Will Smith's son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is only nine, but he was being eyed for the role of the young apprentice with his father playing the villain. Word was also that Jackie Chan was being touted as playing Mr. Miyagi.

Then Will Smith spoke out about it and it sounded more than your average Hollywood denial. He said he was not involved in remaking the film and his son would not be starring in it, there was no word from Jackie Chan at the time.

So now the rumour is back out there and people are jumping all over the restarted rumour. I first saw the second outing of the rumour over at Twitch, where they had the story that Han Sanping of China Film was talking about the co-production.

Well the first time around I thought it would be inspired to have Jackie Chan play the role of Miyagi, but I think the Smith's are a bit twee for this one, and I find it hard to see them saying yes – could you have a nine year old Karate Kid?

I could see the film being remade though, first that Hollywood would do it, and secondly that it would work, just not those two in the leads.



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