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Chronicles of Riddick sequel possible

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgIt looks like there might be a chance for a third Riddick film, and this is from the Director David Twohy himself.

What's even more interesting is that he says rather than considering a film in similar style to Chronicles of Riddick, they'd think of something more akin to Pitch Black.

That's great news because the original Riddick film Pitch Black is miles better than The Chronicles of Riddick in terms of character and storyline. Sure Chronicles had the big sets and the huge effects, but for me it had totally lost sight of who and what Riddick was all about.

Pitch Black captured the character perfectly and the relationships with the other characters was very well done, the hatred for the cop, the disregard for the other humans, but the growing affection for the woman who cared for the others, something that he himself began to respect.

However in the sequel the character was more of a buddy to everyone and lost that edge. He was more of a standard hero, and that didn't work as well with me.

Still, it did make good money on DVD, and there's incentive there to make another one according to David Twohy on his official site in the news section through Coming Soon:

"Okay, okay, now on to the really important stuff like "What the f**k is happening with RIDDICK?" Yes, I get your emails demanding another movie; yes, I keep bumping into you guys in airports and at conventions and I take your pleas to heart. All I can say now is "We're talking about it." The DVD numbers were really good - we know that, and some potential financiers know that. But if another movie surfaces, it probably won't be a Universal movie and probably will be an independent movie. Which means we'll have to make it for substantially less than the last installment. But that's okay. PITCH BLACK was $22 million all in. Maybe it's time to go back to our roots - as we go on to The UnderVerse."

So they are in talks. Well Vin Diesel has always said that they had originally planned a trilogy for the character but that the second film not doing so well in the cinema meant that there wasn't the opportunity.

However if it's done so well on DVD and Vin Diesel and Twohy are keen, perhaps we could see another Riddick film, and if they really are looking to make it more Pitch Black than Chronicles then I really am impressed.

Twohy hasn't done much since Chronicles, but he's going to be writing and directing A Perfect Getaway and is writing The Brazilian Job.

Would you like to see a sequel to the films, and which way would you want them to fall? Pitch Black or The Chronicles of Riddick?



Yes I would Richard. Even though I'm not a huge Vin Diesel fan I did enjoy Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, but if a sequel was going to go ahead I would prefer it to be more in the style of Pitch Black. It was done well and had a good decent story, yet seemed so simple and yet more effective than Chronicles.

I've been secretly hoping they would do a third.

I like to call it "the ridicules of chronic"

Yes, I really hope to see (ASAP, please) a sequel to Chronicles of Riddick. Maybe it was a tad overbloated, but I'm still a big fan...what can I say? I liked it...a lot! Should the sequel be as HUGE set-wise to follow the storyline (Necromongers and Underverse)? Perhaps not, but neither can it be as lean and mean as Pitch Black and still pick up the story where Chronicles left off. Figure it out, David, and get going!

Richard Brunton,

Riddick was a buddy to everyone & a hero in the 2nd film? Did you actually SEE the film,or are you confusing your dream with reality?

Let's recap on the film;

It starts with Riddick on the U.V. ice planet,because he chose to isolate himself from the human race permanently,but he was pulled off the planet against his will by the mercs,as otherwise,he would have no intentions on being buddies with ANYONE.
Secondly,if you recall,he had no intentions on being a hero,as he was coersed into saving the planetary system from the necromongers by the priest.
He even said that "It's not my fight".

Riddick's friendship with Jack or "Kyra" & the threat of the Necromongers's invasion,was his motives for being a "hero" as you put it,but Riddick was only interested in saving his own ass & Kyra's,but he really did not give a f**k about anyone else.
Due to the mitagating circumstances,he inadvertantly ended up saving the planets that remained,but that does not make him a hero.

Riddick is an anti-hero who is mainly out for his own interests.
If you don't like the sequel to Pitch Black,then that's fine,but your twisted idea of Riddick's nature is so way off base,that your synopsis of the second film sounds like some half-baked rhetoric from some jackass working at Wal Mart.

Yes,I would like to see a sequel to the film,but I do not want see you write another article on this franchise,because you're completely full of sh*t.

You know attitudes like that make the internet and this world a less healthier place to live:

"There's no room for anyone's opinion but my own, and I don't like yours so you're not allowed to speak and if you do I'll shout and swear because I can't handle accepting someone else's opinion other than my own"

I have seen the film, a number of times, and the Riddick character has much more sentimentality and cares much more for people than in Pitch Black, there's just not the same feeling to the character.

Oh and Wal Mart employees have as much right to opinions as anyone else, they watch films too you know - no I don't work for Wal Mart.

Thanks for the intelligent input Thomas.

I see what you're saying about the character dynamics changing a little bit from Pitch Black to Chronicles. I noticed it too, although i wouldn't call it "buddy." I would definitely say that he seemed more neutral in Pitch Black, more like a wild card, which is what makes him, him. Although, i think there are certain characteristics that remained for the second film. Though Riddick seemed less scary to the other characters in the second film, i still personally percieved a bit of menace...

I would love to see a third Riddick film. Idealy a film with a bit of the scope of the second, whilst capturing the character dynamics and ominous uncertainty in regards to Riddick.

His world is so well imagined, it would be great to get a bit of story out of that itself.. his origins were hinted in the second film, while he is a wanted criminal in the first... there is so much story untold here. I find it hard to be satisfied with even a third film. The scope of story seems, to me, nearly insatiable. Something only suitable for a series of novels. But then, books and films are completely different levels of entertainment. Although in this case i think both would take my fancy~!

I'd love to see another movie (or two). Count me in as one who liked CoR much more than Pitch Black, and I agree with the poster who pointed out that Riddick wasn't a "buddy to everyone" in CoR. In that movie, he actually kept leaving everyone to die/to their fate, unless they were lucky enough to keep up with him. He was still quite obviously uninterested in "joining the human race" but did have some natural emotional investment in the two human beings he'd survived with in Pitch Black, as he said, they were all he knew. Also, the sci-fi aspect and visualization of CoR was excellent. I'm actually hoping they do a movie which covers the between time of Pitch Black and CoR, and then a follow up to CoR.. The cartoon "Dark Fury" was absolutely terrible.

i would love to see about 4 more movies... there is so much that could be done... in the Xbox game we find out about his eyes... what about his fighting skills... and his ability to fly just about any thing out there... it all sounds military to me... he knows his way around so many things... we could pull a George Lucas and do a prequel... (love you George..) or we can find out just how far the under-verse rabbit hole goes... and as far as how to make it i would say that it needs to be a mix of both of them... i loved the way they were both done... and yes i would also have to say that the second movie we did see a softer side to him but when fighting something like the Necromongers they make him look like a little child in a candy store... so it was just as Judi Dench said in the film "we only have the time to speak of opposites" So in my mind it was just a trick of the writing that he was softer... he is still the blood thirsty killer... just look at how he did his killing in the movie...

Vin diesel is the man when it comes to raceing and being a killer ho needs to make another riddick movie like pitch black and make it better then the first. HELL YES make 4 more so many people would go see that and just think of all the money alone woooo.

Chronicles of Riddick was a good movie, Riddick was able to be more then what he was in pitch black!! Though there was great action in Pitch black it was in the last 30 mins of the movie,I think a 3rd movie would be great and should have both styles of the first and second.


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