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Connelly joins The Day the Earth Stood Still remake

JenniferConnelly.jpgNow I am surprised by this news, and it also suggests that there's something a little more to the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still other than the typical Hollywood studio doing a half hearted remake of a classic to earn easy money.

Jennifer Connelly has signed to star alongside Keanu Reeves in the remake of the classic 1951 paranoid science fiction film about an alien landing from another planet, warning us that if we don't change our warmongering ways that his race would destroy the planet entirely to save the rest of the galaxy.

The Day the Earth Stood Still is undoubtedly a classic, sure it's dated, it was 1951, but a classic none the less, and as we were talking about the other day with the Clash of the Titans remake, CGI and a stylish Director does not warrant a remake.

However there's something different now with the addition of Jennifer Connelly, she's an incredibly powerful actress and appears in some excellent films. So the question is, is this a Hulk of her career or a House of Sand and Fog?

Or do you think I'm deluding myself? Is this a big budget blockbuster move to earn some money for those smaller, more dramatic roles?

I'm not really sure. On the one hand we have Keanu Reeves taking the lead, and although he's stiff and often one dimensional, that's what the original character calls for, so perhaps it's a good match. That character is pretty emotionless anyway.

Yet there's another ray of hope here, that of Scott Derrickson, the Director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Filmstalker review), directing this film. Now I think that speaks volumes about what they are trying to do. He made such a great film there, and balanced court room drama with supernatural thriller and horror superbly well. I really liked what he did on that film and the subtlety of the horror, and how easily we blended back and forth from the court room to some tense and terrifying moments.

Could this actually be a worthwhile remake? I'm starting to think that it might look that way, especially with the latest casting news from Reuters through Yahoo News. Connelly will play the scientist who makes the first real contact with the alien, who will be played by Reeves. Perhaps that's just very intelligent casting for the part of the alien, as everything else on this remake looks very positive.



Will not be a worthwhile remake at all in my opinion. This is a classic movie and should not be remade at all. Doesnt matter whos in it or who directs it, it will never be as good as the original, just like with The Manchurian Candidate. Half the problem is that the reason why these movies worked so well back in the 50s and 60s is because back then it wasnt that long after World War Two and there had been no Vietnam or Korea or Iraq or the current "War On Terror" so the world was at least a bit more peaceful then than now and so the world wasnt concerned with war. And how are they planning on remaking Earth unless its set in the past because in the original humans are on the verge of adding nuclear weapons to rockets. What new weapon are we going to invent in the remake?

I can see this new version being updated to be about us fighting amongst ourselves and about these very wars.

I can actually see the relevance nowadays, but like you I don't think they'll hit the mark on this one.


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