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Costner says no to Dances With Wolves sequel

KevinCostner.jpgRight now Kevin Costner's agents are saying that he won't be appearing in the sequel. He's already off as Director as I wrote about Simon Wincer taking the helm of The Holy Road, and so the thought of him returning looked pretty bleak.

Anyway, there's the added question of if you would want to see a sequel to the film anyway.

Kevin Costner did such a great job on Dances With Wolves as Director and Actor, but there was quite a lacklustre ending that really didn't feel like a proper ending.

So in a way it would be good to see what happened to this character, but a different Director and Actor in the lead? I'm not so sure that we would buy that as much as we did Dances With Wolves, and with that film being such a great landmark in Costner's career would he really want to risk tainting it?

Cinema Blend contacted Costner's agents and asked them about the film, and they received the firm comment that "Mr Costner is not involved in this project". Well I think that's a good thing all round, except for the film that is.



as keen as i am with this idea, i admit without him in the lead, it would not be the same.

not saying it wouldn't or couldn't work, just saying.


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