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Could Bale be the new Terminator?

ChristianBale.jpgThe rumours are flying around Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, otherwise known as Terminator 4 and Christian Bale.

When the previous rumour came out that he was to be playing John Connor I was surprised as he is clearly going to be better as a Terminator. So the rumour arrives today that he's in talks for the role of the Terminator, not of John Connor.

Now I think this would be even more likely than Christian Bale taking the role of John Connor, although I have to say that I'm still unsure of Bale taking a role underneath McG as director of the new Terminator film.

This new rumour comes from CHUD through HorrorMovies.ca who also point out that the announcement of the new Terminator series came with the very clear message that it would not be following John Connor, it would be a new hero in the franchise restart with Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins .

Now I forgot about that news when the first rumour came out. I'm more inclined to believe the word of the producers on the project, so if there isn't going to be a John Connor then Christian Bale is either trying out for the new hero lead or the Terminator, and I really do hope that this latest rumour is true.

Bale does look the part and has carried the same sort of role in a few other films, emotionally and morally devoid, focused on a single task, and a stone cold killer. These aspects would make a great Terminator, and then there's his very look.

What do you think? Christian Bale as the Terminator or John Connor/new hero?



I think he has it in him to pull off either.
Obviously I don't even have to justify the Terminator side :D .. As for JC, looking at Machinist/Reign of Fire, he can do sucker with no life & being hunted down yet fighting back.

I would rather see him in the John Connor/new hero role. He could probably play the Terminator but I think he would bring more depth to the other role.

Looks like word is he's playing a brand new character, the new hero of the series.

Maybe they can tie it in with one of those Batman from the Future comics :-P


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