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Cuny: Master of Disaster film

HarrisonFord.jpgThe Man Who Tried to Save the World is a book by Scott Anderson (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) about the U.S. aid worker Fred Cuny, a man who also became known as the Master of Disaster, which is about to be made into a film.

The rights to the book, as well as a documentary from 1997 called The Lost American, have been bought by Elemental Films and Spitfire Pictures.

The film will look at Cuny's exploits while helping relief efforts after disasters. He obtained his nickname because of these exploits which took him to places such as Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, Bosnia and Checnya.

It was in Chechnya in 1995 that he, and two Russian Red Cross doctors and an interpreter, went missing while he was trying to negotiate a cease fire, he was never seen again but according to Variety was believed to have been murdered.

Stuart Beattie is set to write the screenplay, that is if the writer's strike ever ends. Interestingly the details of the man on Wikipedia show that Harrison Ford was trying to make a film of the book back in 2002, and did you know that Scott Anderson wrote the story behind Spring Break in Bosnia, which treads similar ground and was made into the film with Richard Gere.

Sounds like this could be a strong story with some great moralistic tales to be had.



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