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Dances with Wolves sequel gains Director

TheHolyRoad.jpgI really enjoyed the film Dances with Wolves, so it was a surprise to learn that the novel it was based on has a sequel.

Even more of a surprise is that a Director has just been announced for the sequel, and that the same writer is on this screenplay.

Michael Blake wrote the two novels and the screenplay for Dances with Wolves, and now he's writing the sequel screenplay for Simon Wincer to direct.

Simon Wincer has done a fair amount of work, but you'll probably most know him for The Phantom with Billy Zane, Lightning Jack, Free Willy, Quigley Down Under, D.A.R.Y.L., and a film that always sticks in my mind, Harlequin with Robert Powell. He's also directed a lot of TV, including one of my old favourites, Chopper Squad.

According to Variety the story for the film is some eleven years after the events of Dances with Wolves and sees the Comanche tribe in a continuing decline. White settlers are the constant threat to their way of life as is the transcontinental railway that is being built. This is where the story takes it's title from, The Holy Road.

I'm definitely interested in seeing a sequel, but will we see Kevin Costner return, or even the character of Dunbar? Has anyone read the novel?



This sounds like a HORRIBLE idea to me. I didn't even know there was a sequel to the novel.

DWW was one of the best westerns of the last 25 years. Without Costner directing (or the possibility of him not starring in the film either), I am less than enthused about this.

The works of Wincer that you mentioned above do nothing for me and I predict a ruining of this great story that should be left alone.

Oh God... he directed Crocodile Dundee 3? May we be saved from this please!?

though admittedly, he did Quigley Down Under and Lonesome Dove for TV movies and they were okay. maybe he has a knack for westerns. Still, I'm opposed to the idea.

Unexpected this is, and (possibly) unfortunate.

I'm with Andrew. I dislike the idea of a sequel. At least we'll always have the original.

why is this a bad idea, people? there have been very good follow up films before, and i see no reason to think hollywood would rape dances with wolves for a quick buck. the first one was a gamble for the studio and, quite frankly, a sequal would be as well. i actually think it would be interesting to see what happened to these people. I remember the ending scene of the first one, where they head into the snowy mountains, and thinking "what?! that's it? come on. something else HAD to happen!"

now i have a chance at seeing what did.

and i see no reason Costner wouldn't return. it's not like he's busy nowadays.

now if only i could coax a sequel to waterworld to occur.

What is that Yodaism doing here eh Morbius? :D


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