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Darabont changes The Mist ending

TheMist.jpgFrank Darabont has admitted that he's changed the ending of Stephen King's The Mist for the big screen version, and although he's taking a big risk he thinks that this is for the better.

He's spoken about the differences in the ending and revealed that he didn't want to wimp out and wanted the ending to be a definite ending.

I'll open this and speak directly to Stephen King fans before they start leaping up and down, Frank Darabont says that he has the email from King that he sent after reading the screenplay for The Mist. In it he says that he absolutely loved the ending of the film:

“Wow, I love the ending. If I'd thought of it, I'd have used it in the story.”

See I told you he said he loved the ending! So with that out of the way, here's what Darabont had to say on the film's ending.

“I always felt that the movie needed a definitive ending, and it really fell in line with my philosophy of 'This is a horror movie, and it should send people out of the theater horrified and disturbed.' I always knew that the ending was a risk. It's kind of a bold move, but I thought, 'Well, why take half-measures?' We have seen plenty of movies where they kind of wimp out, and I didn't want to do that. I wanted to try to make something that counted in the genre.”

The comments come from Sci Fi Wire where he also reveals that the ending came to him over a decade ago when he read the story. So what could the ending be? Well on a grand scale it means it either the mist goes away or everyone dies, those would be two of the most definitive endings that I can think of.

Still it's good to see that the ending is different. One thing I hate with adaptations of books to screen is when they are done literally and we see no difference. Of course there are exceptions to that rule, and that's usually in books that are absolutely filled with imagination and visually rich descriptive content, such as Lord of the Rings. However a modern day thriller is written more like a screenplay these days so you find you've read the entire script before watching the literal translation.

I'm glad he's deviating from the story, that will make the film itself something different from the story, and hopefully those that love it won't feel it's been done a disservice by being adapted for film.



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