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Dark Knight marketing site online

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgThere's a new marketing site for The Dark Knight online, and this one looks rather interesting. It's four pages of a Gotham City newspaper, the Gotham Times, and it contains loads of stories to fill the background of Gotham and the Dark Knight, as well as the growing spate of violence and the arrival of a group of clowns in the city.

It looks like a normal newspaper, and there's quite a bit to read, but stay around for a little while and you'll start to see things appearing on the page.

The Joker is never far away it seems. You can see the newspaper over at the Gotham Times site through Empire. Unlike them though I'm having mixed feelings about the marketing on this film, sometimes I think it's genius, and other times I'm wondering if it's all too much and we're being distracted from the actual film.

Have a look at the online paper and read about Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, the growing violence, the police corruption, the use of surveillance in the city, and what to do about that bat.

Although whatever you think of the marketing for The Dark Knight, it is working a treat, I can feel myself getting excited about the impending sequel.



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