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Definitely, Maybe trailer online

RyanReynolds.jpgA trailer has just appeared online for Ryan Reynolds new film called Definitely, Maybe, and it's rather surprising.

The film tells the story of a man trying to explain to his inquisitive eleven year old daughter about the divorce he's facing, about his past girlfriends and about who her real mother is. It stars Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks with Kevin Kline popping up too.

First up I have to say the trailer didn't grab me at all, I am a hardened male who has no heart and emotional connection with such things...okay, I may be lying. I thought the trailer was actually quite cute in places and touching in others.

However, saying that I'm not sure if Ryan Reynolds is really the Hugh Grant type, as Definitely, Maybe seems to be one that could just have Grant sitting in that role. After all it starts with "From the Producers of Notting Hill and Love Actually" - although bear in mind production can mean just getting the money in place - it has all the elements of a love story and man finding himself, plus there's that closing sequence with the heart tugging British song running underneath.

I just don't know about Reynolds though, there are some cool moments, but every scene he just has that playful, almost about to throw a prank look, except for the moment his daughter tells him he's not happy...tug!

Okay, you can check out the sappy, not for men trailer right here in High Definition through st39.6 at Movie-List Forums. Men, you might prefer to go shotgun a beer, or oil up and pose in some manly ways. 480p, 720p, 1080p.



i'm not a fan of romantic comedies but i might check it out if only for Ryan Reynolds!

Oh the ladies would say that! ;)

I think it looks like it has a heart and a strong message too though.

I am a hardened male who has no heart and emotional connection with such things

I knew it! HAHAHA

Was never really taken by anything Reynolds has done but I can make an exception for this one I suppose.


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