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Director was sacked from Hitman

Hitman.jpgWell it looks like the studio lied when it denied the story that Xavier Gans had been removed from the Hitman film in order to take on the editor Nicolas De Toth to reshoot and recut scenes.

This isn't any rumour either, this comes from the star of Hitman, Timothy Olyphant who confirmed that Xavier Gans was fired from the film and did not take part in the reshoots. It doesn't stop there either.

The word is that Luc Besson, one of the producers and possibly someone who could add bags of style to the film, didn't have that much of a role and wasn't very hands on, another warning sign.

CHUD writes about the press event where Timothy Olyphant, who plays Agent 47 in Hitman, said that if they did cut all the violence out then the film would be a mere forty-five minutes long. I'm sure that's over stating it a little, but still we get the point, the unedited film is violent and there's not really a chance that they could cut all the violence out of it.

Still it seems like they are trying to cut as much out as possible, and that was the original rumour of why Nicolas De Toth, who did exactly the same with the recent Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review), was brought on in the first place.

What's worse is that Fox immediately denied those rumours, and they say that you can't trust what you read in the media, or more precisely on the Internet. Well Fox, I think you might find it hard to trust what you hear from the studios. They would seem to lie for marketing purposes.

So Nicolas De Toth is there, is doing reshoots and that's without Xavier Gans or Luc Besson in sight. I don't think any of this sounds good, and another potentially strong videogame adaptation looks set to fall fowl of bad production. Still I guess the good side is that this might boost DVD sales if they release the original Gans film, although that looks like a far off possibility since he was fired.

Of course there is the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the reshoots and recuts are necessary...but I haven't seen a film that really needed it before and I think you'd be hard pressed to cite more than a random splatter of old films that have had such reshoots and recuts that were actually merited, and worked.



And I was hoping this was going to be a real kickass/hardass/badass.....hardcore-ass etc movie!! Looks like is going to be a real dogs dinner. Just hope AvP2 will have the above 4 asses!


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