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Disney continues 3D trend

Disney.jpgI'm a bit lost with all this 3D in films, I'm really finding it hard to understand and get a hold of.

However Disney are right behind it and are releasing another 3D film, Bolt.

Bolt will star the voice talent of John Travolta, Woody Harrelson, Bruce Greenwood, Thomas Haden Church, Mario Cantone and Susie Essman. Travolta will play a TV star dog that is, now wait for the staggering plot surprise, accidentally shipped across country and must make his way back home. The plot reveal comes from Reuters through Yahoo News.

Haven't we heard that story time and time again? Especially with animals? Oh well, I guess the fact that it's in 3D will allow them to churn out the same story again and for the audience to lap it up. After all they'll be so busy going "ooh, look at that 3D thing fly around the screen" they'll not really care about the film and the story.

Disney are really pushing the 3D phenomenon having already released 3D versions of Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and with plans to release Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Frankenweenie, as well as various other shorts, it looks like they aren't giving up on it for a long time.

I'm still not sold on it. I do think that it is retracting from the whole film experience because you're too focused on the 3D aspect.

Mind you time might prove me wrong and people might get used to it, and perhaps it might become far less intrusive on the cinema experience than it already is.



that's why i think 3d movies are better when they're specifically made for the medium. it's the best thing, hands down, to ever happen to documentaries.

there are very few films i'd like to see in 3-d. how about a 3d version of 2001? maybe finding nemo. or fantasia?



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