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Documentary claims Nanking massacre lies

NankingMemorial.jpgThe Truth About Nanjing is a film from Japanese Director Satoru Mizushima who claims that the Chinese reported figures of civilian casualties are lies and propaganda, and that many of the eye witnesses were Communist spies.

The film shows the Japanese view of the events after the World War II invasion of Nanking, specifically the last twenty four hours of the Japanese leaders who were convicted of war crimes by an Allied tribunal and hanged.

It will tell the Japanese side of events, and this would seem to discredit the Chinese view that the massacre by Japanese troops killed some three hundred thousand Chinese people, including civilians. The Allied tribunal estimated that one hundred and forty two thousand civilians and prisoners of war were killed during the bloody occupation.

The film is backed by Japanese nationalist figures, including the Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara and private donations from within Japan.

According to the story from Reuters through Yahoo News the Director said of the film:

"I don't want to make a film in the same shrill, hypocritical humanist vein the Chinese are trying to sell to the world and about how they were destroyed by Japanese militarism and how they fought to protect their families and freedom."

He went on to describe the executed Japanese leaders as similar to the Seven Samurai and one of the quotes even likens them to Jesus:

"They resemble Jesus Christ who was nailed to the cross in order to bear the sins of the world. They died bearing all of old Japan's good and bad parts and headed for the gallows"

China and Japan hold very different views about events during the occupation, and Japan even refuse to call it a massacre. However they won't be clear on how many people actually did die in the invasion, although they do admit that civilians were killed.

It's a very controversial topic, and this film looks set to add to that controversy. At least this will present the Japanese view of the events while the majority of films coming about the topic are presenting the Chinese side. The problem is discerning the truth from the politics and propaganda.



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