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Ex-Disney boss calls strike insanity

Book.jpgMichael Eisner is the ex-boss of Disney and has spoken out today against the strike from the writers of Hollywood.

He's called the strike insanity, and warned the writers that they are sacrificing their real incomes for a revenue that studio's haven't yet received.

According to Eisner, the writers have been far too premature in pushing for revenue from the digital distribution streams as the whole model is unproven in Hollywood.

“For a writer to give up today's money for a nonexistent piece of the future -- they should do it in three years, shouldn't be doing it now -- they are misguided they should not have gone on the strike. I've seen stupid strikes, I've seen less stupid strikes, and this strike is just a stupid strike.”

Wow, those are pretty harsh words. However he doesn't really stop at the writers, and his words through The Hollywood Reporter carry on to say that the studios are also to blame for continually talking about the digital revenue stream and pitching it as being so huge, when in fact it wasn't, and the studios hadn't even figured out how to exploit it yet.

That does raise an interesting point. Studios have been shouting about how much money they have been losing through the digital distribution that one could not be blamed for thinking that it was a huge income. Now that they've just started to exploit it, it isn't any wonder that the writers believe that their contracts are missing out this highly lucrative area of profits.

“Digital will eventually be the dominant medium for distribution but not yet.”

That I could well believe, but that “not yet” doesn't stretch for the next three years of the writers contract, I could well see the digital distribution being nailed down next year, and where does that leave the writers for two years?

I should think that they could negotiate a one year contract with a two year extension upon successful renegotiation after digital revenues are discovered. Is that too much or too little to ask?



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