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Farrell's In Bruges trailer online

InBruges.jpgI wasn't really expecting that much from the trailer for In Bruges, a film starring Colin Farrell as a hitman who's hiding out in Bruges. Yeah, doesn't sound that great really. Then you add in the other factors.

Brendan Gleeson plays the other hitman who is hiding out with him, Ralph Fiennes plays the very angry boss, and then there's the writer\director Martin McDonagh, a playwright, and so he's heavily into characters and interplay. Finally there's the trailer.

Now I think I can say I'm turned around to In Bruges now. Colin Farrell looks like he's got some range to his character, and Brendan Gleeson looks good, but the great moment is hearing Ralph Fiennes go mad with his character, and that superb lead up to hearing him by seeing the message he's left the pair.

The film looks like a lot of fun. The two hitmen have to wait longer than they expected in Bruges, and so they have little excursions and begin to find themselves caught up in stranger and stranger circumstances with some very odd locals.

You can have a look at the trailer over at Collider [Flash] and see what you think, but I'm really interested, and I never really thought I'd say that about a Colin Farrell film.



Hmmm...looks like a lot of fun to me. I have to admit I've been waiting Colin Farrell to make another movie I would want to see. He looks good in this movie...not so sleezy. LoL


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