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Film looks to Georgia's first female execution

This story about a new film called The Lena Baker Story caught my eye. It tells of a black woman who became a sex slave to her white employer and eventually killed him. She claimed self defense but was sent to the electric chair, the first woman in Georgia to be executioned.

That was over sixty years ago, and just two years ago she received a pardon.

Tichina Arnold will play Lena Baker with Peter Coyote as her employer and Beverly Todd her mother, according to Reuters through Yahoo News. Ralph Wilcox will write and direct the film which will also bring a needed cash injection into one of the poorest districts of the U.S., Colquitt, Georgia. It's adapted from the novel by Lela Bond Philips (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

What I do like is that Ralph Wilcox says that the race issue does play a part, but it's more about the woman and her situation than anything.

“The film is a cradle-to-grave story that offers a real perspective on Lena as opposed to just one incident...Race does play a part, but this story is really about a woman born between a rock and a hard place.”

Sometimes I find that films that have racial issues in them, but aren't the main crux of the story, can focus too much on the racial aspects and miss the other issues that we need to see.

I'll be interested to see this film, and understand more about the story. It could be a vehicle to get forward some strong issues such as justice and the rights of those abused, as well as why it took sixty years for her pardon.



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