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Film to show Jesus' twin brother

RobertPowell-Jesus.jpgThe 13th Disciple sounds an interesting film and one that is set to court religious controversy.

Robert Sigl is to make a film whose central premise is that Jesus had an evil twin brother who is reincarnated and begins a religious sect.

However the producer Mario Stefan was quick to say that there wouldn't be any controversy as Jesus is only in the background and is not used as a central character. Through Yahoo News he said:

"It will be made clear from the beginning of our film that it's fiction," he said. "Even the 'Da Vinci Code' was fiction but there was a lot based on real ideas…Our film is not based on true events nor is it giving any religious message."

I think that any mention of a religious character, even in the background, is going to raise controversy, and if the main character is an actually related to Jesus then there's definitely going to be a few raised eyebrows and voices.

The film is looking for some Indian production partners at the moment and is set to be filmed in India with a mainly Indian cast. It will tell the story of two researchers who are investigating the life of Christ who find that he had a twin brother. The researchers are also twins, which seems to figure in the story in some way too.

I think that very fact may result in far less controversy since its only Hollywood films that the complaining religious representatives head after.



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