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Filmstalker's Week: 12th to 18th November

Newspapers.jpgWelcome to the weekly roundup of all things Filmstalker related. We'll be taking a look back at the trailers, reviews and news of last week. Don't forget you can suggest your own stories, or vote on existing ones by visiting Filmstalker Readers.

Just click below for the weekly roundup.

Richard has already reviewed the film Jindabyne but he has now reviewed the DVD. It stars Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne. In the film four guys head off on a fishing trip, only to discover the body of a murder victim. They decide not to head home early but to continue on their trip. Their decision has larger consequences when they get home. You can read the DVD review here.

A new international trailer for Charlie Wilson's War is till quite comical but hints at something more serious too.

The trailer for Holly signals a limited U.S. release, the film is excellent and looks at a very personal story of the Cambodian child sex trade. You must try and see this film, here's the FIlmstalker review.

Teeth has a trailer, and it's much darker than expected too.

There is a trailer online for the film City of Men. This film is the sequel to City of God.

Ahead of it's release later this month, a trailer also appeared for Wristcutters: A Love Story. There is also a statement from the director on the making of the film.

The trailer for Wanted is also out. Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman start in the comic book adaptation.

We also saw the teaser for The Forbidden Kingdom, which sees Jet Li and Jackie Chan teaming up.

A new international trailer for Hitman came online.

Richard is running a pants competition. Good Luck Chuck is the reason behind it, see what I did there. Richard sums the details up perfectly, so click above and you can win some novelty pants. I can safely say I have never typed that before.

Mickey Rourke and Nicholas Cage had a smackdown and Rourke won. That is he is set to star in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler. Part of me would quite like to have seen Cage trying to portray a wrestler...

News leaked about the possible plot for the new Star Trek film.

Thomas Jane a.k.a The Punisher is to turn his hand to directing. The Dark Country will be filmed in a different format though.

Jeff Bridges gave hope to those hoping for a TRON sequel.

Plot details for Fast and the Furious 4 arrived.

McG is set to direct Terminator 4. If only they'd stuck to that title.

Well that is it for the roundup. Be sure to visit during the week where Richard will be keeping us up to date. If you'd like a go at doing the weekly roundup just e-mail Richard direct.



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