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Filmstalker's Week: 4th to 11th November

Newspapers.jpgWelcome to the weekly roundup of what's happening at Filmstalker.

This week we're going to have Louise looking through the articles and picking the best and most interesting. If you'd like to do this next week then drop a note in the comments or email me and we'll arrange it.

Remember to have a look at Filmstalker Readers and submit news and vote on reviews and features. Here's Louise.

With all the political films coming out the latest in the Genre Defining series tackles Political Thrillers.

First up is Heima, a concert film about Icelandic group Sigur Rós. They decided to follow a world tour up with a bunch of free gigs in their homeland, filming the people and places along the way. I've not seen it yet but it seems they've done a tour documentary with a difference.

Next up is Blue Blood, a documentary which follows a bunch of academics trying to make it on to the Oxford boxing team. Not all of the prospective boxers are athletes in any form, but they are desperate to take part in the yearly Oxford v Cambridge boxing competition. I have this film waiting for me to watch and the fact Richard has given it four stars bodes well.

Finally on the review front is Lions for Lambs. I was looking forward to seeing this with Richard but a cold and persistent cough put paid to that. The Cruisemeister, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, not a bad cast in anyone's book.

A new teaser for Iron Man was released and it's looking good.

The Mist produced a new internet trailer. The Frank Darabont adaptation has got me interested.

The Valkyrie featurette is now online in glorious HD.

All the extended competitions are now closed, and if you were lucky enough to win you should have been notified already. If you didn't enter this time then give it a go, you'd be mad not to!

Rumour has it that the studio behind the remake of Clash of the Titans wants Robert Rodriguez to direct. Another pointless remake or possibly a new twist?

Next remake rumour has Sylvester Stallone hoping to take on a remake of Death Wish.

News leaked that the director of Hitman was apparently fired.

There is an open casting call for Star Trek, although it would appear you may need some unique physical features, and a willingness to shave your eyebrows.

Other Star Trek news sees J.J. Abrams bringing back an old face for the new film. Captain Pike is back and if you click on the story you can find out who is playing him.

Lastly on the Star Trek front, Winona Ryder is set to appear as Spock's mum. Controversial?

And finally ,Mark Wahlberg, one time professional trouser dropper and now serious actor, is in talks to play the video game character Max Payne. Good choice I think, but read the story and you'll see it's likely to be a watered down version of the game, lets hope they keep the film noir feel.

Well that's it for this weeks roundup. Star Trek continues to at times at excite and other times worry, and remakes are still a favourite with Hollywood, if not with us. Still I'm liking the look of The Mist and Iron Man. Not sure about Tom Cruise in Valkyrie but he's proved me wrong before...

Stay tuned for more news from Richard. I'm off to watch Mr and Mrs Smith.



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