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Final Destination 4 in 3D

FinalDestination.jpgAnother gimmick comes out for the Final Destination franchise, although calling it a franchise seems a little above its station to be honest.

Final Destination 4 has plans to be shot entirely in 3D and will feature a new group of teenagers cheating death that then comes calling for them one by one.

There is a little hope for the film with one of the co-writers from the second Final Destination writing the story, Eric Bress. News from Yahoo News is that David R. Ellis is also set to direct the film who previously directed Final Destination 2, Cellular and Snakes on a Plane.

What really surprised me is seeing the money that the film have taken in so far, the first film in 200 grossed $53.3 million, the 2003 sequel made $46.5 million and the third, released in 2006, collected $54 million. Now that's a lot of money, and each came in with a profit.

I wonder if they are making Final Destination 4 in 3D if it will see a theatrical release, or if it will go straight to DVD with a nice pair of glasses in the case. I can't see 3D on DVD having the same spectacular impact as 3D in the cinema, can you?

Actually the whole 3D thing I don't get, I just feel it's another fad in cinema that'll pass, much like the first 3D fad.



oh dear .. if i'm honest i thought the first was novel, the second escalated things somewhat, quite like the 'saw' films but then the 3rd one was just dire, it was a remake of the first one with lesser known people, who you didn't really mind dying ... & what's with all the 3d films piling up...

Anyone seen Beowulf yet?

I dunno, I really don't see what the great thing is about this new 3D thing. Isn't it just the same as the last time it came to the cinema? A gimmick to try and help bad films look better?

That's what I thought. Like making the film 3D is going to improve any chances of quality. I don't think the Final Destination franchise really deserve a fourth film anyway... Does it?

I want to see Beowulf at the IMAX.

I enjoyed the first Final Destination and the 2nd one wasn't too bad either, but when it came time for a 3rd I passed. I had my fill of death going after those who had cheated death.

3D nowadays is not the 3D we had when we were younger. Have you seen The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D? WOW! It's absolutely beautiful and really takes you into the movie. Granted it is a favorite of my daughter and me. It also looks to becoming a tradition to show it in 3D format each Halloween season, at least here in the states, which is a real treat because I couldn't imagine having the same experience at home.

As for Beouwulf I recommend seeing it in 3D. I went with my brothers to see on the IMAX screen and it does make it visually stimulating. The movie is a lot of fun. I honestly liked it very much. However, I'm not sure it would look as good without the 3D.
The motion capture still creeps me out because while the animation looks wonderful the eyes are way too dead, it's creepy.

The TV spots might not make the movie look all that good or as if it's a 300 rip off, but I encourage you not to pay attention to them, they're horrible. The movie is hugely better and the voice acting is perfect.

With all that said I think the new 3D format is a novelty. I for one wouldn't want to watch all my movies in that format, especially since most movies don't require 3D enhancement.

Well I'll give Beowulf a go in 3D, but I can't help that films are made to fit the idea of making a 3D film rather than make a good film in the first place.

Perhaps there is a 3D feature in here.


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