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Update: Fool's Gold trailer surprises in HD

RomancingtheStone.jpgYou know I don't hold much hope out for these type of films, and the combination of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey hadn't really hooked me in, but the trailer has done something surprising, it's caught my interest.

McConaughey seems to be playing a more comic and less manly Dirk Pitt from Sahara, and Kate Hudson seems to be delivering a pretty fun performance.

The trailer looks a lot of fun, really it does, and there's some story and tension strapped in there as well as good music. Oh, and Ray Winstone...and Donald Sutherland.

The story sees a married couple, played by Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey breaking up as the foolish errands of the husband become too much. He's a treasure hunter who does nothing but raise money for hunting and hunt...and isn't successful. So finally they split up, but the husband continues to pursue his dream and their paths cross again. Will love, and their treasure finding dreams, bring them back together?

It does sound a little like a Romancing the Stone film, actually a lot like that.

You can see the trailer over at IESB [Flash].

The trailer is over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] too and in HD, you just have to avoid that annoying Yahoo player that won't pause, moves onto the next video or repeats just when you roll over it. Damned annoying.



Looks okay, shame I'm not really much of a fan of Matthew McConaughey.

Yeah, I can't say I'm a fan of either of them, but it is starting to look like fun. Mind you, it can't beat Romancing the Stone.

loved sahara and i'm thinking this will be good dumb fun as well!

my heart skipped a beat...i thought we may have another dirk pitt adventure on our hands. then i remembered that clive cusslar hated the movie and is blocking any further ones from being made...which...is a shame if you ask me.

Yeah, as dumb as it was I liked Sahara too. It could have been much better than it was, but I thought Dirk Pitt was a pretty fun character.

Would Clive Cussler's version have been better?


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