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Friday the 13th - When is a remake not a remake?

Friday13th_Poster.jpgAccording to an insider, Friday the 13th is not a remake.

That would be like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes or Halloween weren't remakes. They were reimaginings or some such smoke and mirrors.

The insider who is defending the film said over at Shock Till You Drop that this story belongs somewhere between the second and fourth parts - doesn't that mean third? - and that Jason Voorhees would be leaner, meaner and faster.

Well colour me blood red if that isn't a remake. Voorhees is going to go after a bunch of teenagers and kill them all until someone, probably the last one or two left alive, find a way to kill him, or hold him off till the next film in the restarted franchise.

Every bit of it sounds like a remake, okay you could argue it's a sequel, but it's the same main character, the same plot, the same actions, and the same location.

We were told that all the horrors I've mentioned weren't remakes, they were something different, Halloween especially, but really they did turn out to be remakes, and let's not lie, that's what this will be.



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