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Golden Compass ending explained

TheGoldenCompass.jpgChris Weitz, the director and writer of The Golden Compass film, has talked about his reasoning behind chopping the book ending off of the film and passing it onto the start of the next film, The Subtle Knife.

He reveals that the author Philip Pullman is perfectly find with the ending not following the novels, and that the only disappointed ones may be the fans of the novels.

Originally they shot the film ending as per the novel, but they discovered that this was not the way to go, presumably in test screenings. Chris Weitz talks about that over at Sci Fi Wire.

“We shot the last three chapters of the book, which are really quite ambiguous in the ending and quite harsh and dark...It became clear that audiences who were not familiar with the books were confused and appalled by the end of the movie, and in order to protect the character of these last few chapters, I thought, 'Well, it can work at the beginning of a second movie.'”

Apparently Weitz decided to end The Golden Compass on a cliffhanger rather than the way the novel ends, and he's more concerned about the entire story told throughout His Dark Materials rather than the single novel.

Well there's no reason the film should follow the novel, especially when it is so altered anyway. I still think that this film is going to be a smash no matter what, despite any religious interpretation or how it ends. It looks set to kick start a new fantasy franchise that will run for quite a few films.



I am a GOD-fearing christian and we do not want this movie to come to Harlan, KY. We have taught our children about God and we want them to know the Lord. We do not want this movie to put silly thoughts into our kids heads about atheism. Our children KNOW that God is alive!!!!! But, not all children know that. You should pray and see that the Lord is real. If you will only pray to God he will show you he is real.

If your children know that God is alive and real then what is the problem with letting them see this film? For that matter what is the problem of allowing them freedom of choice and reading the books?

Have you read the books yourself?

I cannot stand how people are just judging this story based on stupid rumors, having not read the books. Nobody kills God. The God of Pullman's story is an oppressive, senile impostor who's age-old agenda was to rid the world of free will (thus, the goal of the Magisterium). He dies of his own weariness. Not only do the books NOT display any pro-atheist philosophy, but the movie definitely doesn't. The behavior towards this story is precisely what Pullman criticizes -- the tyranny of religion, not the purity and joy of spirituality.

Not having read the books, I think I have to agree with Chris Weitz' decision with how they ended the first film.

Why people are reading this as anything else but fantasy is still totally beyond me.

So how does the book end anyhow? The Golden Compass was a good movie and all kids should be allowed to watch it. Hello? It's not real, if some of you *cough* j.b., haven't noticed. We don't got daemons following us. I wonder how you acted after watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.


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