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Harry Potter Fans Can Win Movie Role

HarryPotterActors.jpgHarry Potter fans are going to get a chance to win a walk on part in the next instalment of the Harry Potter film franchise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince starring alongside Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the huge cast.

An online competition that runs from today until December the 20th will whittle out the winner, and it's easy to enter, particularly if you're a fan.

Update: I now have the competition link...

However the immediate problem is that I can't find the competition itself, so if you do please let everyone else know.

According to Sky News, MSN are hosting the competition which will allow a fan to appear in the film. Now do be aware you won't be getting a major role, just a walk on part. Still, that's a superb prize to win if you're a fan.

Each week a new question will appear on the MSN site until December the 20th, after that the winner will be chosen and they'll be appearing in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The questions will all be based on the JK Rowling novels.

Get entering, and come back and let us know where the link is!

Update: Well that was solved quickly thanks to Andy. Cheers for that Andy, here's the competition link.



Here is the link.

i am Hershel

Harry Potter Fans Can Win Movie Role pls

is the dedline december 2008 or 2007

hi my name is joseph dane simpson i have enterd in one of your compatitions and i hope im not to late it has bean my dream to be in a movie or actter because ever cines the first play in my shcool i have bean the main person and everone says im good i hope am they said with a bit of training i can become really good so i hope il get picked to be in the comation
from joseph

Joseph you need to select the competition link above and enter there - that site has nothing to do with this one and vice versa.

Hiii... m alvia sidik.. i want to know how i can find the questions?? will you send me to my email address?? or i have to log in this site?? i have been waiting for this role.. i am really and really excited for this.. just waiting for getting the role atleast i will be able to see daniel...


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