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Hasselhoff in Knight Rider film?

KnightRider.jpgDavid Hasselhoff is the original Michael Knight from the television series Knight Rider, and according to reports today he's looking at returning to the role in the television film.

The film is set to be a pilot to kick start a new series of the show that features a crime fighter and his car that is beefed up with gadgets and electronics galore, including artificial intelligence.

The new Knight Rider story would see Michael Knight's place taken by his estranged son, Mike Tracer, who is wasting his life away in Las Vegas, struggling to live under a rising gambling debt.

Sarah Kamen, the daughter of Charles Kamen the inventor of the K.I.T.T. car, is similarly estranged from her father, but is approached by K.I.T.T. when her father disappears in strange circumstances. She and K.I.T.T. head out to find Mike and recruit him to help in the hunt. Amazingly Mike and Sarah were once lovers.

It all seems overly convoluted, particularly with both estranged kids of the two male leads from the film and they are perfectly set-up to take the place of their parents in the story. All seems a bit too twee, and smells of another prequel reboot to me. I wonder if they are looking to turn K.I.T.T. into a younger model too?

According to Sci Fi Wire, Mike Tracer is to be played by Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo will play Sarah Kamen, and David Hasselhoff is actively in negotiations for reprising his role.

Note though that this is the television film to restart the television series, this isn't the proper film version that has been rumoured for sometime. This version is to be directed by Steve Shill, details on the film version are non-existant, and there's no idea if it will follow this daft restart idea or not.

I'm not too sure how big a role Michael Knight would play in the film as yet, but the news that they are looking to recruit Hasselhoff for the part does at least add some consistency for the story.

Is this something you really want to see? I'm not that concerned to be honest, I could see them making a good film of the whole story, but it would need a serious restart and a bigger budget than a television pilot…that is unless they approach it with the gusto and ingenuity they did with Battlestar Galactica.



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