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High definition Cloverfield trailer reveals secret

Cloverfield.jpgThe Cloverfield trailer has arrived in high quality, and it looks rather interesting, but with all the talk of people catching a glimpse of the monster I think they've missed something from the trailer, something that we never realised about the monster until now.

Forget that it's big, comes from the sea and gives birth to smaller creatures that attack others. This is something I just spotted and adds an entirely new dimension to it.

Update: The trailer has arrived in High Definition Quicktime.

During the trailer, at about one minute six seconds, you see a shot of a woman backlit behind a curtain. She's flanked by two men in big contamination suits, suits that we've seen in the recent pictures.

I already talked about the fact that the pictures showed a woman with her eyes and nose bleeding being carried by men in contamination suits, and how that suggested that she was infected in some way, my comment there was:

“...is there something about the monster that can contaminate people with some sort of disease?”

Well, check out that section in the trailer from about one minute six seconds onwards and you'll see the outline of the woman being pulled by the two men in contamination suits. There's a strange noise, a kind of squelching closely followed by the sound of ripping and the outline of the woman suddenly balloons outward from her sides.

It really does look like these people are infected in some way by something that rips them apart. Is there maybe something like an Alien inside them? A gestating creature? Or perhaps they are infected in some way and they just explode?

I don't know but that's definitely happening in the trailer and it's something we haven't heard of as yet.

Have a look at the new Cloverfield high quality trailer over at Empire [Flash], and keep your eyes open for one minute six seconds in. What do you think?

Update: Now the trailer has arrived in high definition over at Apple [S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p].



I have to admit I am still intrigued, however I am going to reserve my excitement.
I'm curious to see exactly what is up with this creature or creatures. I'm especially curious about the exploding woman. Well...all in good time ...the new year is upon us and then the mysteries will be over. LoL

Got to say I'm pretty excited by this one and I hardly EVER look forward to movies these days.

I hadn't seen this one before. Monster shot at 1:29

Just a bunch of viral hype horse shit. After this thing hits the theaters, it's all over.

the monster is gonna eat yo momma


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