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High quality Cloverfield trailer

Cloverfield.jpgThere's a copy of the Cloverfield trailer online that's excellent quality, no camera phone, no shaking, nothing like that, this looks like it's been copied from the film directly. Now all that's left is to wait for the high definition official version.

You can even read the text on the screen and make out the action. Yes, that's not the silhouette of a monster, it's someone in a protective suit shadowed against sheet!

This Cloverfield trailer is a hell of a lot better than the previous one we saw, and you really get the atmosphere from it, and it does give the impression that the film is going to be pretty tense throughout.

Now I know to date there have been a lot of negatives for the publicity aspect and of the non-involvement of the potential fans and audience, but perhaps this trailer could give us something positive? It does look a powerful trailer.

Here's the great quality version from YouTube, and another couple of versions just in case that one is taken down.

High Quality Cloverfield trailer

...and a couple of different lower quality versions...

Well? What do you think?



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