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Hitman sex scene looks awful

Hitman.jpgThere's a sex scene online for the Hitman film, and it looks uncomfortably awful, in fact I squirmed my way through it.

That's not because of the sleazy, sluttish behaviour of the woman in it, or the horrible lines Agent 47 utters, but just the whole against character moment the scene portrays, and it reinforces the idea that this film will be rubbish.

Oh sure, the action looks exciting and strong, and perhaps some of the violence looks a little stylised, but ever since I heard that Agent 47 was going to become romantically involved I've been concerned that they were going to trample all over the character.

Timothy Olyphant has been miscast as the genetically engineered assassin in Hitman, he's not quite right, there's the love story and the attempt to show him as human, there's the furore over a possible recut to remove violence, and now there's this woman who has little respect for herself attempting sex in the least erotic and arousing way possible, I'm not surprised Agent 47 isn't interested, he's maybe concerned about protection first.

Anyway, this scene is just reinforcing the idea that the film is going to be awful, especially as Stale Popcorn points out that it's that tried and failed method of trying to flash the potential audience with the promise of lurid sex in return for coming to see the film.

The whole thing just sounds terrible. Even that clip we saw the other day, sure it had some great moments, and the flash of the guys playing Hitman looked good, but it just pulls you right out of the moment and it didn't sit well at all.

In the case of Hitman I don't really think you can afford to rewrite what the character was, otherwise you're just making an assassin film, and this looks like it's trying to do both, and not very well.

Anyway, I've stalled enough, here's the sex scene from Hitman, and beware that this is not safe for minors, miners or the workplace. The sluttish woman (Olga Kurylenko in character) exposes her breasts...in small pixels mind you. Be warned though, it's not that good.



Thanks for the StalePopcorn shoutout, guys!

Guys? Just me here, no one else!

Awww, you feeling all lonely Richard?? lol

Okay back to the subject at hand, thankfully the scene wasn't what killed the film, in fact rather a strong point .. as in the non-sex rather than the sex aah I'll shut up before I dig deeper. D'oh.

No I get you, and I agree. Did you check out the Hitman review?

Yea', we're agreed for the most part, though I hadn't noticed the dubbing.

So you did kind of like it then? Better than expected?

Yea' .. I was expecting terrible to the point of "oh dear god, damned you hitman die already!!!" .. but it kinda went okay by comparison. Some cool bits, some hickups, but no way as terrible as it was advertised :-P

Don't know why everyone is complaining, I thought the movie was great. Maybe broke character a few times, but overall was pretty good. Unfortunatly I never saw the sex scene because I watched it on t.v., but let's just say I have blue balls.

Well I didn't think it was great, but I did like it. As far as videogame adaptations go it wasn't that bad, and it captured the character well.


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