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Holly trailer and clips online

Holly.jpgBack in 2006 I reviewed the film Holly and gave it a glowing five star recommendation. I absolutely loved the film and the way it portrayed the complex relationships and very difficult moments as it showed a little of the terrible sex trade in Cambodia.

Ron Livingston stars as an American who gets caught up in the life of the twelve year old Vietnamese girl played by Thuy Nguyen. She's been sold by her family into the Cambodian sex trade and Ron's character befriends her and tries to rescue her from her terrible future.

Holly is a powerful insight into the sex trade, and addresses some extremely difficult situations with bravery and superbly portrayed emotions. Both Ron Livingston and Thuy Nguyen are excellent, and the scenes between them are wonderful.

I honestly can't recommend this film enough, and it's great news that it's released in American right now, unfortunately it's a limited release, but a release none the less. I really think this deserves a full release around the world, and I hope that the hype builds up from this to bring it about.

Have a read of my review from two years ago on the film, and then head over to Collider [Flash] to see the trailer and nine clips from the film, and then hunt it down in a cinema near you.

You can also see the trailer on the official site, which carries plot details, cast and crew, and tells you where see the film and buy tickets, and there's also a link through to the Red Light Children Campaign which is attempting to stop this terrible practice of selling children in the sex trade. They also carry a link to buy tickets for Holly.



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