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I Am Legend reshoots ending

IAmLegend.jpgThere's rumour out that I Am Legend has had an ending reshoot, and before we go into that there's a couple of things to point out. First thing is that we've heard of reshoots happening before on a film and then they've turned out not to have happened.

Then there's the fact that lots of films go through reshoots, whether they be after a studio screening, test screening to the public or a private screening to the film-makers, so it doesn't necessarily mean that the film is going to be worse for it.

However we've seen reshoots on films of late that have hurt them, usually with the Director being taken off the duties of the reshoot and someone else being taken on. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

The rumour is that the ending has been filmed again as the studio weren't happy with the one that Francis Lawrence filmed. Now that ending, according to rumour, wasn't going to be as the original Richard Matheson story (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) so there's a slim chance that they could redo it and make it more like the novel, however that's slim.

If we think about the studios and their past history then you know that they want more action and a Hollywood style ending. Most likely he'll find a cure and save the world...or find his family, find a cure and save the world, you get the idea.

Well the source that talked to CHUD gives us this rumour, but it's yet to be confirmed or denied and there's no word on if it's a different Director filming it or what. We may just have to wait and see. This could be good news, or bad, it really depends on the original ending, the extent of the reshoots, the involvement of the Francis Lawrence, and how the studio really wants I Am Legend to end.

Let's hope they've learnt their lesson from messing around with a string of failed film endings to date.



I would like to know what the original ending was, because this one stunk. "We are legend" common..

I think the original ending was per the novel, if you've read that.


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