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Jackson and Blomkamp on District 9

Halo.jpgRemember that the Wachowski Brothers made Bound to prove to the studio they could make the Matrix series? Could Peter Jackson be doing the same with Neill Blomkamp to show the studio's that they could make Halo?

The reason I say this is that Jackson is about to produce the science fiction film District 9 and is putting Blomkamp in the director's chair.

It would make sense that if they can prove they can make a decent science fiction film with a controlled budget that they might win over a few studios for the chance of a Halo film, could that be what they're hoping to do?

According to the story from Variety Neill Blomkamp wrote the screenplay alongside writing partner Terri Tatchell. Unsurprisingly WETA are doing the effects and the production is set to start in South Africa in spring.

Peter Jackson certainly holds Blomkamp in high regards as he says of him:

"For the last year, my team and I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Neill...He has a passion and a command of the language of cinema that will result in District 9 fascinating people all over the world"

I think we could see this as a big sign to the studios that this pair could deliver a film of the calibre of Halo. What do you think? Second choice booby prize, or could they be sending a message?



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