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DVD Three Stars
I've already reviewed the film which has great cinematography and wonderful characterisation, not to mention the great performances from Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne. Ray Lawrence produces a wonderfully rich film, so what does the DVD have to offer?
Plot.pngJindabyne_DVD.jpgThe film tells the story of four men who head off on a weekend of fishing deep in the hills of Australia, leaving their other troubles behind. When they get there they find the body of a murdered woman, and instead of heading home they stay for a day of fishing before heading home to report it.

The story explores how it affects the men when they return home, their relationships with each other, their families, the community, and how the family of the murdered girl struggle with the events.

The picture looks quite grainy, although it does give it a very natural and real world feel to it, particularly with the actual lighting in the shot.

Audio.pngDolby Digital 2.0, 5.1
DTS 5.1 is offered as the audio track, but it never really exploits it, concentrating on the performances and lines of the actors.

Extras.pngMaking of featurette, Deleted Scenes, Trailers
Unfortunately, and I think that's why I'm going to mark this DVD release down, there's no audio commentary, and here's a film that really could have a lot to say for it because there are so many issues encountered in the film. Not only that but there are some great character actors in here who could also lend so much to the DVD.

Without the audio commentary there's no doubt that the DVD is weaker. Nowadays every film released on DVD should have an audio commentary, I can see no reason for it not to, it's just a day's work, if that.

However there are some other strong aspects of the extras. The deleted scenes offered are much more than just dropped scenes, and each carries a little telling story of the characters. They are actually much more than the scenes you usually see making the extras of DVD's.

Then there's the Making Of which is very thorough and insightful and has additions from most of the cast and a good insight into the filming and the story. It really is interesting and informative, and shows another quality extra which so many other DVD's miss.

Overall.pngThe film is excellent with superb character performances from Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney and Deborra-Lee Furness. It has a slow and deliberate pace with some painfully intense sequences and the entire film looks gorgeous.

However the DVD doesn't really offer much more. It has the film which does look rather grainy on a large screen, and there's no audio commentary with the DVD, although some might not like commentaries, I think they are essential to DVD's. It does make up for it with a higher quality Making Of and Deleted Scenes.

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