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Jolie not leading Thomas Crown sequel

PaulVerhoeven.jpgThe announcement has come for Paul Verhoeven directing The Thomas Crown Affair remake sequel, currently titled The Topkapi Affair. With that comes the debunking of the old Angelina Jolie rumour.

I first carried the story from the radio interview he gave on Dutch radio, and the rest of the film sites began linking to the sites soon after, some crediting me, others just taking the newspaper links directly.

So Paul Verhoeven is to direct the film which is produced by and will star Pierce Brosnan. As yet the female lead is uncast, according to Variety, and so that goes against an old rumour that Angelina Jolie was being eyed for the female lead. However we do learn that there will be a female lead and her character name is Nadia Badri.

If you head back to the story from a few days ago you'll find the link to the actual Dutch radio broadcast that Verhoeven gave revealing his involvement in The Topkapi Affair.

The Topkapi Affair is based on the Peter Ustinov comedy and crime thriller, Topkapi, which tells of the story a small time crook who gets caught up in a big time robbery of the Istanbul Topkapi museum. Although he's in over his head he rises up to the challenge along the way.



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