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Justice League gets Batman and sexy Wonder Woman

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgThere's some interesting Justice League rumour type news on the Interflab (so named because it's bulgingly overweight and in need of a diet), first up there's news that someone has been cast for the role of Batman, and secondly the film has found its Wonder Woman too.

Now you'll have no idea, probably, who these people are, I didn't. Batman will be played by an Australian model Megan Gale and Wonder Woman will be played by Armie Hammer, a very tall man. Oh wait, there's something wrong there.

ArmieHammer.jpgThe news is actually that Armie Hammer will play Batman in the Justice League of America film. That rumour comes from Batman on Film through IESB.

Yeah, I have no idea who he is either, but he's been in Desperate Housewives for an episode, and Veronica Mars. He's a stonking 6ft 5inches, he's twenty one, he collects knives and weaponry, plays the guitar, and is an amateur magician. Perfect for Batman, he loves to serenade the bats of an evening.

MeganGale.jpgMeanwhile up for the role of Wonder Woman is Megan Gale, according to Australian Who magazine through AICN. No idea who she is? Try an image search on your local search engine, and be prepared. If you have the adult filter off you'll get some rather sexy images.

She looks amazing. She's tall, dark, and stunning, both in figure and face. She certainly is amazonian. I think she could end up getting a good chance at the full Wonder Woman role if that ever goes ahead and her acting holds out in this film.

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