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LaBute and Hackford to remake Truffaut classic

FrancoisTruffaut.jpgFrançois Truffaut's film La Femme d'à côté is set to be remade with Taylor Hackford at the helm and The Wicker Man comedy writer\director Neil LaBute, now there's a thought.

While the thought of Hackford directing is quite good, the thought that LaBute is writing the script must be making Truffaut turn in his grave.

François Truffaut made La Femme d'à côté quite late in his career, writing and directing the film about a happily married couple with one son who have new neighbours move in. The husband knows the neighbours from his past as he had a passionate affair with the wife several years prior, and with them moving in the affair starts up again.

Some say that this is his best film to date, while others haven't even heard of it. It stars Gérard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant, Henri Garcin and Michèle Baumgartner star in the film which explores human emotions.

So with all that subtlety and classic-ness crammed into the film the thought that Neil LaBute is writing is actually quite horrifying. I mean that considering his career with the most recent writer and director credit for The Wicker Man remake. Of course he has other films under his belt such as Nurse Betty...okay I'm stopping, French cinema is bowing its collective head right now.

However, and this could be the saving grace here, Taylor Hackford as director. Looking through his career there are some interesting and stand out moments, An Officer and a Gentleman, Against All Odds, White Nights, The Devil's Advocate, Proof of Life, Ray, all these films have some strong aspects to them and some of these earlier ones are about relationships and human emotion. I think he might be a good choice to handle it well.

Still, I can't get over the news from Variety of LaBute writing this remake called The Woman Next Door.



Possession which LaBute also wrote and directed wasn't that bad, but it wasnt that good either, I enjoyed it as I am sucker for romance. :)

You can find my review here:



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