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Last King of Scotland wins BAFTA's

BAFTA.jpgThe Scottish BAFTA's have just been awarded and The Last King of Scotland has proven to be a big hit as it takes Best Film, Best Actor for James McAvoy, and Best Screenplay.

Sophia Myles also took Best Actress for Hallam Foe, and the full awards are listed here, as well as a cracking comment from McAvoy.

While accepting his award James McAvoy said:

“I am very pleased to have won the award. It's nice to get it at home in Scotland, in Glasgow and in front of my family...I've played a lot of Englishmen, and for Scottish BAFTA to forgive me for that and award me for playing a Scotsman is very humbling.”

He's also announced that he's planning a break from films to spend some time at home with his family, a great choice but he will be sorely missed from the big screen, Wanted will be his last film while he goes to renovate his home and enjoy some quality family time.

Here are the list of winners for Film and TV alike via The Scotsman.

Best Feature Film
The Last King of Scotland

Best Actor
James McAvoy, The Last King of Scotland

Best Actress
Sophia Myles, Hallam Foe

Best Screenplay
Peter Morgan & Jeremy Brock, The Last King of Scotland

Best Short Film
Losing Myself: Annie

Best Animation
Potapych - The Bear who loved Vodka

Special Contribution to Scottish Film
Eddie McConnell

BAFTA Scotland Award for Craft (In Memory of Robert McCann)
Libbie Barr

Outstanding International Contribution
Craig Armstrong

Best Actor
Sean Biggerstaff, Consenting Adults

Best Actress
Jane McCarry, Still Game

The Lloyds TSB Scotland Audience Award for Most Popular Scottish programme
Still Game

Best Drama
Rebus (starring Ken Stott, above)

Best News & Current Affairs
Did Your Vote Count? A Newsnight Scotland Special (BBC Scotland)

Best Documentary
Black Watch - A Soldier's Story (starring Ryan Fletcher, left)

Best Factual Entertainment

Best Comedy or Entertainment
Blow Out

Best Childrens
Nina & The Neurons

Best Writing
Julian Mitchell, Consenting Adults

Special Contribution to Scottish Broadcasting
Mary Marquis



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