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Malkovich hiring internet writers

JohnMalkovich.jpgJohn Malkovich has an idea for a script, unfortunately he hasn't written much of it and needs writers to keep it going. The thing is all those writers are on strike, so it's up to us non-professional writers to get in on the act.

Sony Viao have teamed up with the actor to start an online script project where Malkovich has written the first scene and everyone on the Internet has been invited to carry it on from there.

If you every played it, it's kind of like that one line at a time game from school. Write a line, fold the edge of the page over and pass it on, read the previous line and write a new one, fold it over and pass it on. It's a bit like that except we're seeing scenes and no one's hiding anything. Okay, maybe not the best example, but still.

This is a cracking idea, and amazing that it's got such a big name behind it as John Malkovich.

In the end it's a big advert for the Sony Vaio, and perhaps Malkovich gets a nice free one out of it, but the project is real none the less.

You can head to the site and hear him read his script and talk about his vision, and also read the handwritten scene itself, and then write and submit your own. You can also see other peoples submitted scripts too.

At the end of each month John Malkovich himself will chose the winning entry, so I'm not entirely sure what the voting is for then, perhaps he only reads the top voted ones, I'm not entirely sure but the answers are all on the site. After the winner is chosen, it's onto the next scene.

As a start I have a short clip of Malkovch talking about the project, and then I've managed to get his first script section for you to have a look at, but for everything else you need to head to the Sony Vaio online script project site to find out more, hear Malkovich read his script and talk about the project, and then submit your own.

Here's his first script, I know the format's out, but it's just the copy and paste.

House interior:
Early morning, just after dawn.

Close in on a wide planked floor.
An old wooden chair is pushed across the planks. A small girl, not more than 9 years old moves the chair in front of a window. She clambers onto it.

Cut to:
A vast prairie covered in snow, seen from behind a pane of glass. The glass is frosted. The girl rubs it with the sleeve of her sweater. We see her face in reflection, not very distinctly.

Extreme close-up:
As she breathes, her breaths render the glass more and more opaque.

Cut to:
Wide shot of the little girl tramping outdoors.

Cut to: Extreme wide shot.
The girl alone in the snowy landscape.

Cut to:
The girl begins to make snow angels, falling backwards, arms spread. The snow angels are linked quite methodically, hand to hand.

Cut to:
Wide shot from above the six snow angels, neatly realized.

Cut to:
The girl falls back to make the seventh snow angel. She lies on her back. She watches the fog of her breath escaping her lips.

Cut to:
The girl's face She senses something. She stops breathing and listens intently.

Cut to:
We see the girl concentrating. She slowly turns toward her left, towards camera. She senses something underneath her hand. Touching her hand?

Now get over there, have a read through some of the entires, and get tapping.

The only thing about this is that the site is so self contained. Why aren't there feeds so that you can be notified of the latest scripts, or be notified as the top five changes, or even find out when your script gets voted for? What about closing off scenes and moving onto the next one?

I think the site could have done with a bit more work and a bit less self-containment. Still, I'm thinking about entering!

Sony Vaio online script project site



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