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Martinez surfing biography

BobbyMartinez.jpgBobby Martinez, the first Mexican-American to make the world surfing tour, is to receive the Hollywood biographical treatment.

The story is set to follow his life in Southern California growing up in gang ridden areas, to his entry into the world of surfing, moving through the professional ranks and rise to iconic fame.

Robert Munic is set to write the script for the film according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Surfing is a sport that we haven't really seen a lot of on the big screen, there are a few films, and some with surfing as a plot device rather than the main thread, but there haven't really been many films that have embraced the surfing lifestyle and tried to capture the surfing audience.

Perhaps this will be one of those that does, and hopefully in the process crosses over to mainstream cinema as well. Any surfers out there who would like to see more solidly based surfing films such as this?



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