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Matt Frewer joins Watchmen

MaxHeadroom.jpgMatt Frewer is set to join the cast of Watchmen as Moloch the Mystic, the aging and retired supervillain.

I think this is a great match actually, Frewer can do some great character pieces, and he really can pull back on his performance, as opposed to the more famous go wild performances he's probably more known for.

Matt Frewer is probably most known as Max Headroom, despite all the other roles in his career, and if you don't know who he is then you've missed out on something bizarre and very entertaining during the eighties.

The news comes from MTV Movies Blog through Empire.



I love Matt Fewer! I was a huge fan of the Max Headroom TV show. After the show ended I was disappointed not to see a whole of him afterwards. It's always a treat when he pops up in film or tv show. I know he has some recent TV work...but I don't have the ability to watch those shows.


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