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National Treasure: Book of Secrets real life treasure hunt online!

NTBookofSecrets.jpgThere's a huge competition online for the upcoming sequel to one of the silliest films ever, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and there are huge prizes to be won.

Every two weeks theres treasure worth US $100,000 to be won and a grand prize of a Mercedes Benz at the end of it, and all the competitions are online to enter.

To hear about the competition see the trailer below, it's easy to enter. Just head over to the official YouTube channel to find out more and then the official site to enter the World's Biggest Treasure Hunt. The sites come through Jo Blo.

Not only is there the great competition, but there's also a ton of fun to be had on the site with some rather cool games. This is a great time waster for work, and you can also win loads at the same time. Just wish I had as much fun watching the first film, perhaps National Treasure: Book of Secrets will bring a little more cleverness to the screen.



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