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New Hitman trailer online

Hitman.jpgThere's a new Hitman trailer online and I have to say it looks rather good. This is the international trailer and it gives a really good idea of the story of the film.

Now as much as I like this trailer, I'm still not sure about the humanising of the character and giving him feelings, having him chat away, and making him answer his new found conscience.

The trailer is over at MoviesOnline [Flash]. What do you think? It looks like a pretty interesting story, just not so sure if the change in Agent 47 is going to work so well, or maybe it will, after all a silent moody character might not work all through the film.

While we're talking about Hitman, MoviesOnline also have an extended clip from the film that shows a hotel chase with Agent 47 and Dougray Scott. Now this does look really good.

Did you notice the gag in the middle with the Hitman game? I had a little laugh at that. Joking aside, the clip does look pretty strong and might well turn out strong. I'm even starting to warm to Timothy Olyphant as the hitman himself.



I think it looks great and I plan to see it opening weekend. I even think Olyphant will do a good job but every time I see a trailer I think of what it would have been like with Jason Statham.

Oh yeah, Statham would have been perfect for the role, and not just in looks either.


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