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New Joker picture online

TheJoker.jpgThere's a new picture for the Joker online, and this one has him looking a bit more like Heath Ledger and less like the maniac we saw in the previous shot.

His outfit looks great, but the face is a lot plainer and just looks like it has enhanced wrinkles and a bad skin condition, not to mention bad hair.

I'm not that overly impressed with this shot of the Joker from The Dark Knight, especially when you compare it with the previous shot we saw which looks like it has much more digital work done on it.

You can see the new shot on the cover of Wizard Entertainment magazine right here, but I'm not that impressed. I'm hoping that this one is without the digital work that the other shot suggests, either that or the Joker is just going to be looking pale and wrinkled!



i think you're right, Richard. i'm seeing alot of scar tissue in other shots that isn't present here. perhapse, as you said, those will be CG added later in production.

the outfit is good. And it kinda reassures me that this isnt' going to be some reimagined "emo" joker, dressed all in black, but rather the traditional purple insane, well dressed killer.

great scoop.


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