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New Michael Hutchence documentary

MichaelHutchence.jpgThe tenth anniversary of Michael Hutchence's death has marked the beginning of a new documentary about the man's life and his fame as the lead singer of INXS.

David Leaf, the Producer, Writer and Director of The U.S. vs. John Lennon is set to direct this documentary which will be entitled Elegantly Wasted. The film will feature interviews from such talents as Bono from U2 and will look to friends and celebrities alike.

The news was announced on November 22nd, the anniversary of Michael Hutchence's death and was accompanied by messages if rememberance by the surviving band members. From the Herald Sun come the comments:

"Like many I choose not to focus on the death of Michael and instead prefer to celebrate his wonderful life,'' Jon Farriss wrote.

"I miss Michael every day, but I'm one of the lucky ones who shared time with a beautiful soul who was on this earth far too short a time.''

Keyboardist Andrew Farris added: "As Michael's friend and song writing partner of many years there is so much I feel at this time. I do not have enough words to convey my appreciation for having knowing Michael ... God bless you Hutch.''

The film will follow the life of the talented Hutchence from his rise to fame, his time with INXS, and even his final moments at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Sydney. The question will be whether the film will look to the triumphs and strengths of his life and not concentrate too much on the darker side of his life. Let's hope that this is a fair and balanced film, and with the Director announcement it could well be.

This seems to be a different film from the film called Slide Away that was being developed and set to be directed by Nick Egan.

The producer Clark Westerman wrote an open letter about Slide Away and the efforts to get it made on Filmstalker back in May 2006. You can read that letter right here.

This followed rumours that Johnny Depp was set to play Michael Hutchence and Kate Moss was to play Paula Yates. The Johnny Depp rumour sounding inspired and the Kate Moss rumour sounding terrible.

Since then nothing further has been heard on the project, so it looks like this film from David Leaf might be the first to tackle the great lead singer of INXS with Elegantly Wasted, or will they both be vying for first release?



"Elegantly Wasted"?

Hutchence was found hanging in the nude. There was nothing elegant about his demise following a faded career.

Let's be brutally honest about this, INXS were ok but were not one of the all time great rock bands. No one would be interested in making a movie about Hutchence if he was still alive or had died of old age.

Why does it always seem to take an early death to make people interested in a persons life?

Fans of INXS would disagree with you, Morbius.

I was/am a huge of INXS when Michael was the lead singer; I do not care for their new front man in the least.

They were huge in their day and had a strong following. Michael had an amazing stage presence one very few rock performers have. The charisma and maganetism surrounding him on stage was thrilling.

Perhaps it is my love and memories of the band growing up, loving and listening to their music that make me interested in this project. I still remember the day Michael Hutchence died; it was terrible. Only a few months prior I had seen them in concert and I was grateful I did have that opportunity.

"Fans of INXS would disagree with you, Morbius."

Of course, I can understand that.

My main problem here though is use of the song title "Elegantly Wasted". I don't think it's appropriate as it will be seen to glamorise his self destructive, drug fuelled demise.

I challenge anyone to name a name that rivals Michael Hutchence in charisma, talent, and James Dean Cool. I dare you.

There seem to be delays in both of these movies...there are people that do not want Michael Hutchence's death examined. Geldof, for one, must not want those last calls he had with Hutchence analyzed.
"Slide Away" sounds awful - it was said that it would feature Hutchence's ghost explaining his life to his young daughter.


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