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New Star Trek Enterprise is the same

StarTrek_Poster.jpgIt looks like the new Enterprise in J.J. Abrams Star Trek is going to be much the same as the one we knew from the original series as someone who has been on the set of the interior of the ship and seen the models reveals.

Next we'll probably be getting all in a quiver about the tailoring of the uniforms, and that the cloth and colour types don't match the original.

You know I am getting a little bit fed up of the tiny comparisons made between the original series and the film. It's a given that they shouldn't be doing some time travel story to bring us back to a young original Enterprise crew, it's daft and a huge leap to try and get the franchise “back on track”, something that could have been done with consistent programming and strong writers a long time ago on a number of now dead shows. Enterprise being the latest.

However they're making the film and it's modern film-making so expect things to be updated so that they look better on screen, deal with it. Watching the original remade with cheap sets, rubber suits and the barest of effects is just not going to work in modern day cinema, and so here we are.

IESB has a report that the ship, the NCC 1701 is going to remain the same as the original series, well could they have done anything different on that score? Of course they could have, but I think it's a nice touch they haven't.

However, and this is where it starts to get a little silly, the inside has a new metallic look. Well perhaps they are trying to get the idea across that the Enterprise goes through a refit in the future of the storyline to make it look prettier. Does it really matter at this point? No.

If you're getting upset at a metal lining of the ship, where did your hearts and voices go at the time travel back to a young Kirk crew?



I don't think anyone can really complain that the sets are slightly different considering the entire crew are being played by new actors.

That's ever so slightly more inconsistent than the bridge getting a paintjob (although I'm sure there will be die-hards complaining that the pantones don't match).


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