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New There Will Be Blood trailer

ThereWillBeBlood.jpgA new trailer for There Will Be Blood trailer has appeared online, and this one gives another strong look at the film as well as some striking visual moments.

This is the latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson and it tells the story of a prospector who arrives in an untouched town in the very beginning of the oil business, and finds a town filled with wells that he wants to exploit.

However there's some resistance, and the film looks set to explore the greed of man. There Will Be Blood stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Ciarán Hinds along with Paul Dano, Kevin J. O'Connor and Dillon Freasier in the leads.

It looks really interesting, that first trailer we saw I wasn't at all sure about, but since then they've been getting better and better.

Here's the latest trailer via Hollywood Elsewhere.



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