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New unsettling Awake clips

Awake.jpgWell this really perked me up. There are two clips online for the new film from Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard and Lena Olin, Awake.

The film tells the story of a man who doesn't fully go under during his heart surgery, and around him his wife must make some difficult choices to keep him alive.

Having seen the trailer for Awake, which you can see on Filmstalker, it seems that the Doctor's are planning something more than just a routine surgery, so in one way that alleviates my fear.

You see I'm going to be having heart surgery to replace a heart valve, or maybe two, sometime in the future. It's something I've known for a long time but it was just this month that the routine yearly checkup revealed that the valves had deteriorated and that surgery was looking much closer and a serious definite.

So watching these clips and seeing anything about this film has me seriously creeped out. These two clips from IESB through AITH don't help either. The first clip [Flash] is about the moment that the character realises that he's awake during the surgery, and the pain he feels as he gets cut open for the first time, and that is truly terrifying.

The second clip [Flash] goes back in time and sees the character hearing from his surgeon, played by Howard, what to expect and how real the possiblity is that he could die during the surgery.

Wow, talk about facing personal demons. Have a look at the clips and see what you think of the film, for someone less personally connected to it, how do you feel these scenes play out? Is Christensen going to give a good performance?



You see I'm going to be having heart surgery to replace a heart valve, or maybe two, sometime in the future.

Are you going private or the NHS? (Maybe this is worth being discussed privately.)

Is Christensen going to give a good performance?

Here you go again doubting his acting ability! What's the matter with you? :P

I know you love him! I'm just not convinced yet. However, I think this and Jumper have a real shot at convincing me otherwise.

I know you love him!

Oh yeah, I love Hayden alright, then there's also Gerry, then there's James McAvoy, then... So many men yet so little time! :D

I am still looking forward to Jumper.


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