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Nicholson says third Chinatown planned

JackNicholson.jpgJack Nicholson has been talking about the recent release of Chinatown and the sequel The Two Jakes on DVD and revealed that the plans were always to have three films.

Rather than just pay the comment lip service he reveals why there were three films and what the plot of the third would be.

Chinatown was directed by Roman Polanski and written by Robert Towne and starred a carried a strong cast. Nicholson plays Jake Gittes, a private detective who is hired for a cheating husband case. He gets some photos of the man with a young girl and passes them onto the wife, however she's not really his wife and is soon found dead. He's dragged into a big conspiracy that sees related to the city's water supply and large scale municipal corruption.

The Two Jakes sees Nichoson take the directing duties for Towne's second script. Here the story revisits the previous conspiracy, some sixteen years later in the real world. Jake is recorded at the scene of a murder of one of his own clients, and blackmailed into investigating deeper into the case, finding that the connections with the past are opening up old wounds.

According to Jack Nicholson through MTV Movies Blog, the trilogy was covering an elemental journey. The first film was about water, the second about fire and energy, and the third was to be related to air.

The story would be set in 1968 and see Jake getting divorced just when new laws had been brought into California to make it easier to do so. His wife was in some way connected to the enigmatic millionaire Howard Hughes, and it looked as though Jake would start investigating this affair.

Nicholson says that the time is about right for them to make reappearances as their characters, and it really would be an interesting thing to see on screen. However the question would be if they can regain the quality of the first film in this modern Hollywood.

I think they can. There are some great talents that could make this next film, but the question remains of whether or not Nicholson is hungry enough, something that Coppola recently raised in a rather pointed way. Perhaps this is him gearing up to show just what he can still do?



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