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Nine, Shantaram and Rum Diary delayed

JohnnyDepp.jpgAccording to various reports another three big films have been hit by the writer's strike.

Nine, the Rob Marshall directed musical, Shantaram, the Mira Nair directed film, and The Rum Diary, the latest Hunter S. Thompson novel adaptation directed by Bruce Robinson, both these latter films were to star Johnny Depp.

Rob Marshall's Nine is set to star such names as Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Sophia Loren and Marion Cotillard, and was set to start production in March. Now though, according to Variety, the reasons being cited are that the scripts are not ready and require further rewrites, hence they're delayed. The musical was to tell the story of a famous Director, struggling to keep his various relationships together in his life, including his wife, mistress, muse, agent and mother.

Johnny Depp was lined up to spend winter in India leading Shantaram. This is the story of an Australian heroin addict who has escaped prison and is pretending to be a Doctor in the slums of India, rising to the heights of gun running and counterfeiting to fight against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The film was to be directed by Mira Nair, but the same story reports that despite Eric Roth rewriting the script before the strike, there are still further rewrites to be done, so that project too is delayed.

Graciously though, the Writer's strike isn't all to blame for this delay. The monsoon season in India and the production costs of filming there rather than in New Mexico have helped the studio back away from the project somewhat.

Then there's the story from Reuters through Yahoo News that tells us another Johnny Depp starrer has been put to the back burner for now, and that's The Rum Diary, another Hunter S. Thompson adaptation which was to be directed by Bruce Robinson.

Of course it's not just the Writer's strike that has the studio's concerned, it's the looming expiration of the Director's Guild and Screen Actor's Guild contracts, the exact same situation that resulted in the strike from the Writer's. If either the Director's or the Screen Actor's feel the same about the residuals then we could see a strike called for by their Guilds too.



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