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Norton to direct comedy

EdNorton.jpgEd Norton is a fine actor, of that there's no question. Actually there's a few questions as his career choices show, but he can deliver a blistering performance given the right script.

Now he's going to take the biggest challenge of his career, but this time it's with comedy and he's directing, oh and did I mention that he's doing a Eddie Murphy and playing multiple roles?

He's going to direct himself as he plays twins, one who is a professor and the other who is a criminal, according to Coming Soon through Jo Blo they have been apart from some time and will be drawn back together because of some "murderous potheads" as the story describes them.

Plot aside the fact that this is a comedy and he's playing multiple roles really does turn me off to it. Ed Norton in something dramatic is a worthwhile watch, Ed Norton in an Eddie Murphy type comedy sounds terrible. Oh and it's called Leaves of Grass.



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