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Oldman in A Christmas Carol

GaryOldman.jpgGary Oldman is apparently going to be in the next production of A Christmas Carol according to a rumour on the Interflab.

The next Christmas Carol is a Robert Zemeckis version that will use...yes you guessed it, more of his unnecessary and very creepy motion capture technique.

Jim Carrey is already cast in the film, along with the excellent Bob Hoskins, and word is that Carrey will be playing multiple roles through the magic of motion capture and his acting ability. He'll play Scrooge, and the ghosts of of Christmas past, present and future.

According to the rumour over at Moviehole, so will Gary Oldman will be following the same route and playing multiple roles too, although there's no word on which as yet.

Although it sounds great casting, I still can't bring myself to like the motion capture style, I find it gets in the way of the story as you look at the effects and they continually catch your eye for not being quite right.



While I really liked Beowulf I'm still not warm and fuzzy with motion capture. It creeps me out with the dead eyes. Even with the cast of this movie I'm not sure it's something I want seen. I'm much rather just see this movie with the actors on the screen.

Oh thank the lord I'm not the only one! I just don't think I can get over how odd it looks, it's slightly off reality and I find myself catching that fact all the time when I should be in the film.

I think it would have been great to see the actors do this on screen too, although Ray Winstone might have had to work out a little and Angelina Jolie would have been far more modest!

Wow - I can't believe my typos above...well, actually I can. LoL That's what happens when I type when I'm not all there.

A live action Beouwulf would been just as good, IMO. If not better. I really hope I'm right when I say this motion capture is a novelty and we won't see a ton of films made this way.


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